Pilgrim's Watch: movie reviews

Reviewing What I Watch.


Pilgrim’s Watch is my Movie review Blog. And this wont always be up to date with all the latest releases appearing on the big screen, it will be me reviewing whatever I happen to watch, whenever I Happen to watch it. So there will be crazy random selection of stuff and you never quite know what your going to get.

A little about me: Hi I’m Bennie! I’m a married man (sorry ladies) to my Awesome wife, who will be refereed to as such at all times. I have two young kids and we watch heaps of movies together so there will be kids reviews on this site! (take that with excitement or as a warning, whichever you choose). And the rattle of the last few boxes that I life in: Christian, Bible College Student, Geek, Gamer, Musician and all round nice guy.

For the most part I want to bring people to a place where they can enjoy movies, so rather than criticizing a film to the point of negativity I’ll try and give you a balanced context or frame of mind to enjoy the wonderful world of Film, that being said, there are some movies that are beyond saving, sure im optimistic but not tasteless.

I want to be interactive with all my readers so feel free to drop me a message, or review my posts. I’ll do my best to respond.




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