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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2


So unless you have been living under a rock, where vampires are still considered the spawn of hell, you are aware of the basic premise of the Twilight saga. So I wont waste to much time beating the sparkly undead horse.
Now before I get into this review I should state for the record that I am not a die-hard twilight fan, but I have read the books (albeit years ago now) and have been watching the films as they have made their way to the silver screen.

Breaking Dawn Prt 2 is the concluding film in the Twilight saga, depicting the back end of the book by the same title. As a quick catchup: There are vampires which glow in the Sun, the main character is Bell who fell in love with one such vampire in a obsessive Shakespearean way, after going through all the extreme highs and lows that any teenage relationship experiences, they get married and quickly fall pregnant, which leads to Bell dying in childbirth and just to remind us that this is indeed actually twilight and not some version of Home and Away with a budget, Her life is saved by becoming herself a bejazzled blood sucker. Cue New film. Part 2 follows Bell’s time as a young vampire the joys of raising a half-human, half Vampire child (Grandparents are awkward in such matters, just FYI). Upon learning about this vampire child, the Italian vampire kings get upset and set out to destroy Bell’s family and that essentially sums up the plot of this film.

Following the success of the Harry Potter films, Twilight considered itself of equal footing and decided to follow suit and split the last novel in the Twilight Saga into two films. Now when i heard this about Deathly Hallows i was excited, that book is huge and warranted a two-parter to do it justice…Breaking Dawn, not so much. There’s simply not enough Plot in the book to fill two films, and after taking all the interesting stuff and when making Part 1, Part 2 is left with the crumbs leading up to the conclusion. And this obviously shows in the film, its drags, and I sat there wondering why it took so long to tell such little story. Even the actors look a little lost on screen not sure they are suppose to be doing with all this free time. To be completely honest, id would have much preferred to sit through a longer film that told the whole story in a more concise and rounded way than having to sit through these two unbalanced films.

To be fair is not all bad, there are some nice moments, though nothing that shines out that is worth mentioning. The Special effects look good, and I’m still debating weather this was intentional or not, but there is a lot of odd looking 3D work used on Renesmee (the hum-pire…vamp-child….hmm ill have to work on that), which made her look less than human. if this was on purpose then kudos to the SFX team, and if not then I guess they got lucky.

So should you go see this film? Well if you haven’t seen it already (or have your pre-ordered ticket in hand), and your still reading this then I’m sure its safe to assume you’re not a Twilight fan and unless, for some reason, your keen to learn how the story ended, then just keep walking (like I’m sure you already have). It wouldn’t even be great for a social night out, its not got enough energy for that. Walking out of the cinema my wife (who is something of a twilight-movie-only fan) and I shrugged our shoulder mainly happy that we wont have to deal with Twilight again. For those of you who are Twilight Geeks, then I’m sure you’ve seen it three time already and have curled up somewhere in a pit of despair akin to the loss you felt when you finished the books, you have my condolences.