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The Amazing SpiderMan (2012)


Of all the superheroes to grace the silver screen in the recent years there are two that have always stood out as my favorites, those being The Hulk and SpiderMan. So I was super excited to see this new take on SpiderMan.

So just to clarify a couple of things. Firstly, The original SpiderMan films directed by Sam Raimi are among some of my all time favorite films, well the first two are, the third rests the dark recess of my mind where happiness goes to die.
Secondly, Marvel has done an outstanding job with all of its new franchises, so it’s sad to see that Spidy is still owned by Sony pictures. Could they keep up with the heart that Marvel has been putting in its films and do the web slinger justice with this reboot?

Yes, this is a reboot, once again going back to the origins of Peter Parker’s story, but this time following the ‘amazing Spider-Man’ comic run which largely focuses on the hero’s life during highschool. So there will be a couple of changes from what you may expect the story to be, and in a lot of ways they have made a great effort to be true to the original story.

Andrew Garfield does a great job in his portrayal of a young, awkward Peter Parker. One of the key aspects of SpiderMan’s character that were missing in the original trilogy was his witty, dorky humor and one-liners, and Garfield shines in his ability to balance this humor with a dash of teen angst. Not to mention a rather touching moment where Spidy saves a child form a burning car which truly sums up the entirety of SpiderMan and what he stands for. There is good chemistry between Peter and Gwen Stacey, who is a much smarter; stronger version of Mary Jane.
The baddie in this film is ‘The Lizard,’ and is one of those wonderful comic book baddies who is something of an innocent victim of extenuating circumstances. Needless to say the special effects budget goes a long way to make The Lizard look impressive.

If there are any negatives to this flick it would be found in the somewhat predictable plot with a few small holes and also the lack of polish that one would expect from a Marvel production. Keep in mind I critic this within its context as a Comic movie, so I feel little need to poke holes on the genre as I’m sure you already know what to expect when you pick up the film.

Just as a last note, I did get to see this film in 3D at the cinema, and it’s fairly well done, nothing distracting and a few moments of pretties.

So should you watch this movie? If you enjoy comic movies then yes, it’s as solid as any of the films in the genre, but even if not SpiderMan is a very enjoyable film filled with memorable characters, laughs and awkwardness in that kinda sweet geeky teenage kinda way.