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Father Of Lights


Father of Lights is Darren Wilson’s third documentary in his, now, trilogy of discovering God. While the first, ‘Finger of God,’ dealt with Darren’s journey to come to terms with miracles, and the second, ‘furious love,’ challenging his understnading of Love in the face of evil, this film is somewhat more epic in its topic and approach. ‘Father of Lights’ takes the viewer on a journey across the planet to attempt to come to an understanding of not only what it means to have a heavenly ‘Father’ but also how does that look in the world today?
As this is probably something unheard of to majority of my readers, feel free to check out the trailer here: http://youtu.be/eKpPVkHlDQU

As a documentary this film stands independent and it is not a requirement to have seen the previous works in the series, however, there are many people that were introduced in the eariler documentaries that reappear in this one. Also there is a certain understanding of Darren’s journey that really impacts what is shown and how he approaches certain topics in this final one. But while some of the impact and journey may be lost on those who view this documentary without those pervious, ‘Father of Lights’ still stands as an extremely powerful and beautiful work of film.
As yet another success story of the KickStarter website (a crowd sorceing website where the average person like you and I can help to fund certain projects), ‘Father of Lights’ is primarily fan funded, and this shows in the final product. Whereas the pervious two films were made mostly out of what the director could scrounge together himself, the overall quality of this documentary excesses those that came before it, both in film quality and overall polish.

I’m going to review this film with a rather different approach in comparison to my usual style, as In many ways its hard to recount what happens in this documentary without giving spoilers and ruining the overall experience. So I will give something of a personal experience response, after all a documentary is primary purposed to teach and impact the viewers life and view of the world.
Each of these doco’s has impacted my life in profound and powerful ways, forcing me to relook at many of the presumptions I held regarding the topics being raised. ‘Father of Lights’ was no different, and perhaps was these things more so than the others, as this film turnes its topical eye on the church and that of being a christian itself. Especially in my role as a bible college student, training to be a minister, this film helped to challenge and solidify much of my stance towards these topics and how they should look in the world. Essentailly these films WILL impact you, and I belive wholehearly that it will happen in all the good ways.

Should you watch this film? Yes, I can’t think of any reason that anybody should not see this piece. If you are not spirutality or of ‘faith’ then this will honestly give you a good and different view on what Christianity is at its heart and a couple of glimpses as to where it might have gone wrong. If you are a christian then I might even suggest each of these documentaries be watched regularly, as I said, they give a very good understanding and demonstration of the Gospel message and its implications. Father of Lights is all about the practical, asking the question, how does it look to have a Father of Lights in our lives in the world today? Darren Wilson manages to show these things in extremely powerful ways to show God in a light that is often lost in the words spoken by preachers as they echo down the isles of churches or those written in books and online.