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Wreck It Ralph


I have been waiting in baited anticipation for this film Ever since I saw its trailer months ago. Wreck it Ralph is the latest family adventure from Disney and follows the story of Ralph, the bad-guy in an 80’s arcade game, who has become tired with his thankless lot in life and seeks to move up in the world. In efforts to show the ever chummy crowd of gaming world protagonosts that he too is worthy of a winners medal, Ralph leaves and seeks to find his fortune by jumping into different games in the Archade, which eventually lands him in a cutesy racing game where he meets a shunned glitchy character who also seeks to prove her own worth. And while that sets the basic premise for the direction of the film, the plot is filled is enriching side stories and some interesting backstory. All of this is well explained within the movie so one is not expected to know anything about gaming in anyway, that being said, there is a polethera of gaming refferences that adds to the enjoyment of the film for anyone who grew up around arcade and video games.

This aspect of the film is worth pointing out for a quick moment as it helps to build something of the atmosphere of the movie. Disney wrote the plot and premise for the film and took it to all of the gaming companies and basically said if they wished to be apart of the film then they would be welcome to add thier characters into the feature. And in a wonderful turn, showing that the geeks who grew up playing games are now running those same companies, all the gaming companies threw their game licenses at Disney and so Wreck it Ralf is filled to the brim with gaming references and it tickled every nostalgia geek bone in my body to see the likes of Sonic, Bowser, Pacman, Chun-li and countless others that will have you searching every scene for as many old school and new characters as you can lay yours eyes on.

Had Disney simply collected all these characters, thrown them together with a mediocre story then this film would have been enjoyable and entertaining, but Disney actually went out to make a good movie and they succeeded. The Plot is great and moves along at a good pace, it can be somewhat predictable in direction at times, but this gives a refreshing feeling of knowing what’s going on, feeling like a stereotypical video game, rather than giving any measure of frustration. The characters are very well developed, likable and relatable and have great balance of humor and heavier moments of reality which almost caught me off gaurd, but reminded me what Disney is capable of. The themes demonstrated in this are akin to Toy Story or Antz, that one may not change ones lot in life, but you can change what you do with it.

So should you see this film? Well I took my kids to this with thier uncle and we had a great time, so I will recommend that this is a great film for Dads to take thier kids along to. Both boys and girls will thoroughly enjoy the film as there is plenty of cutesy girly stuff and action hero boy scenes and is honestly fun for the whole family that everyone will enjoy, actually this is probably the best family flick to grace the screens this summer. You would probably avoid this film if your not into the more modern Disney films, even though this is Disney shining brightly, it defiantly not anything classic like Tangeled was, this is more like Toy Story. But even so, if you ever played video games then this film is a must watch. One last final note; I went and watched this in 2D and its was great, but there were moments that screamed that the 3D would have pushed the ‘epicness’ of the scene, and not in those annoying ‘look-this-stuff-is-flying-at-you’ (thankfully we seamed to have moved beyond that for the most part), so while I can’t recommend this film in 3D from experience, it was defiantly animated with this in mind as an effective tool.
You will be able to see Wreck It Ralph in cinemas starting Boxing Day.